Maiden Head (Or Lack Thereof)

Maiden Head (Or Lack Thereof) by Natasha Lomov

Her lips were like electric honey,
Her manner eclectic but never nunney.
Eyes as sharp as diamond cutters,
Voice as smooth as Belgian butter

Raised to behold on pedestal,
Or razed to fall in dirty gutter?
Moral decay was plentiful,
So Adam told Him she's a nutter!

Two mounds of Earth, and then a rib
To which God then gave breath of life.
Guess now which marries the Lord of Fibs?
None other than Lilith, Satan's wife!

Note: Inspired by Jewish genesis mythology

The Pseudo Martian's Dream

The Pseudo Martian's Dream by Natasha Lomov

Visions flooded with Martian dunes
And carefully carved craters with no creators.
Hours blend into days as the cold sun rays
Only seem to serve as a harsh reminder.
Phobos hides from Deimos as the night sets in,
And the planet of rust now sleeps.

Broth For Me And Doily For Tea

Broth For Me And Doily For Tea by Natasha Lomov

The bunyip cooked a soup for tea,
Then he had no bread, you see.
He used a doily to mop the broth,
Which only angered Mr. Moth.

"That doily is a delicacy,
For little moths like me!
It's really all I have to eat,
That doily is my treat!"

The bunyip said, "I have no bread!
There's no other way I can be fed!"
They cried and wailed to no avail
Till night did cast it's inky veil.

A peaceful slumber was not their prize,
For a neat solution did not arise.
But through the window, they stared in awe,
A wondrous sight they couldn't ignore!

They rushed outside to greet the scene,
The neighbors muttered, "How obscene!"
"It's flour! It's flour", they cried and cried,
As the white powder fell, they greedily eyed.

Flour melted beneath their feet,
As they were collecting their ticket to eat!
Armed with bowl, equipped with sieve,
They finally felt a will to live!

On top of their houses, the …

Heart Mind Complacent Malice

Heart Mind Complacent Malice by Natasha Lomov

i. Heart
Oh heart, that which always betrayed me,
And left in my moment of pure and true rapture.
Adieu, my monumental enfeeblement,
The only blemish on the face of power, of control.

Heart is but a symptom of weakness,
A coping mechanism for fools that love.
That which guides you but ultimately,
To inevitable doom.

Don't pick the scabs
Or you will never heal.

ii. Mind
In the putrid pool of sickening truth,
Come the thorns dripping with exquisite lies.
The sick wild things drink their fill,
From the coppice of sacred perjury.

Death before dishonour!
They will swallow up death,
Only to find themselves terribly alive
And submerged in chicanery and artifice.

When will you realise
You're already there.

iii. Complacent
His sickening soliloquy burns and coils
That crippled play thing's face.
For his misadventures seek not peace
On Earth, but a sword, no more, no less.

They only do just what they're told.
The textbook rockstar say…

The Witch And Her Lover

The Witch And Her Lover by Natasha Lomov

In the dark her shadow melts away.
She puts her hands in the duplicitous light,
Never too bright for her night shade kiss,
Always too dark for the dreams I miss.

Don't touch her skin,
It's dripping with sin.
The dark shines bright on her melancholy form
Every fibre of my being now torn.

Laboured breaths on late night skin,
Moonlight illuminates the sinner's grin.
A tenebrous dance of emerald eyes,
The crow, the cat, the toad despised.

But lo, my lover was still a witch,
They ensured she burned in jet black pitch.

Notes: Inspired by Rob Zombie's song, Living Dead Girl from his 1998 album, Hellbilly Deluxe

The Truth In Your Eyes

The Truth In Your Eyes by Natasha Lomov

I don't want to look in your eyes,
Because I'm afraid I'll forgive you.
They never seem to tire of singing,
Their venom dripping with sweetness.

Your eyes sing but your mouth lies.
Never fail, I do, to see such spark.
But in my humble form, may I ask,
Who in your path truly bears your mark?

Use me, only on my turn,
And then serve your turn upon me.
But how could I ever decline,
That most wondrous reprise riddled with lies?

Because the only truth I know,
Is the look in your eyes.

Notes: Based on Marilyn Manson's song for the Atomic Blonde soundtrack, Stigmata as well as his song User Friendly from his 1998 album, Mechanical Animals

The Maiden's Name

The Maiden's Name by Natasha Lomov

Branches burnt but also fed,
Roots are starved but also quenched.
Her lonely friend, the lovely storm
Struck her figure nearly dead.
Her wondrous friend, the terrible sun
Burnt her only precious bairn.

Secrets held in her furrowed bark,
Never shared yet always shown.
Black and frightful,
Repels a lark.
Her spirit lacks a sprightly spark.

Day in, day out, her troubles grow,
For with each new branch, two may go.
Perhaps you ponder,
Who must this be?
Her mighty name:
The Ironbark tree

Notes:Ironbark is a common name of a number of species in three taxonomic groups within the genus Eucalyptus that have dark, deeply furrowed bark.[1]